comes to an end

Sheqafrica Corporate Services (Pty)Ltd has lost the battle with Cygma Internet Solutions and their website has been removed from the internet.

In a dismal last attempt to keep going, Diane Swartz, a Safety practitioner based in Richard’s Bay, made an offer to SACS to take it over. The asking price was a measly R995, but even this took weeks to decide on. The final ship has sailed and is laid to rest.

No explanation was provided from SACS, but CIS owner, Mario Steenkamp said he does not run a charity.

“I took it down, as I needed the server space. I cannot host a website just in case someone decide to pay me. As a hosting provider the SHEQ industry contributes around 80% of our revenue, but since the lockdown started,  I have seen a drop in revenue of 85%. What is even more noticeable is that three accounts are owned by the same person, who recently transferred to a cheaper competitor, only to have nothing to show. The two .com sites are no longer active.  Another SHEQ company, Cygma SHEQ North(Pty)Ltd, just stopped payments without explanation. During the same period however, we saw an increase in safety related domain registrations, telling me there’s an upswing in start-ups in the sector. It could be due to massive retrenchments or a move to follow the Remote Work Gravy Train.” Steenkamp said.

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