HOT NEWS! and Network 9 teams up for Youth Development

In celebrating Youth Day this year, have teamed up with Network 9 (Net-IX) to embark on a youth development program. Speaking to, Net-IX director in South Africa, Rudy Maritz, said “Our youth is our future, and we need to get involved in their development at an early stage. For us, the options were to donate a percentage of our revenue to something worth while. Our initial plan was to donate R250 000 to Saiosh for the development of a Youth Safety Awareness program, but after careful consideration, we opted for something completely different. It was an easy decision after Saiosh revoked Sheqafrica Corporate Services’ membership and refunded their application fee”.

Our alternative is much more rewarding, as Net-IX are signing a three year marketing contract with Vuselela School Makeover, a public benefit organisation based in Paarl, Western Cape, dedicated to the upliftment of impoverished schools in rural communities through various projects.” Maritz said.

NET-IX have committed to the promotion of VSM for a period of three years at a total cost of R180 000. has also added to the contribution by creating and sponsoring a fund-raising project called the Sheqafrica Cycling Challenge 2020. All proceeds of the Challenge will go toward a number of schools in rural areas and have entered their own Cycling team as the “Challengers” called the Net-IX Storm Troopers.

The NET-IX Storm Troopers will be challenging corporate companies to beat them in the upcoming Cape Town Cycle Tour, the world’s largest timed cycling event.’s contribution included two new Giant Mountain bikes for the team management which will allow them to ride with the team during training sessions and cycling kits for the 6 riders to wear during their practices.

NET-IX is the primary sponsor of the event and the Storm Troopers will ride in the CTCT under the NET-IX corporate colours.

The Sponsorship of the Storm Troopers for 2019/20 is R75 000 on condition that they participate in 12 events in a 12 month period.

The target of the Sheqafrica Cycle Challenge 2020 is to raise R1,6 million towards improvement of infrastructure at schools in the Cape Winelands region. As it is the first of its kind, hope to expand the challenge nationally to include rural schools all over South Africa. According to Maritz, the first 100 companies to accept the challenge will make this possible.

The NET-IX-Sheqafrica partnership is an investment of R255 000, as a start, in the youth of South Africa with the primary objective to involve kids and their parents in the sport of cycling, while teaching the youngsters the importance of safety and tolerance on the road. “Our fatal road accident statistics are the worst in the world and we believe that this program can change road use behaviour. Youngsters on bikes become adults in busses, trucks, taxi’s and cars. If we can create a culture of tolerance and adherence to the “rules of the road” at a young age, we can lay the foundation for good driving practices in future generations. The road safety training program is a condition we set for Vuselela as part of the sponsorship agreement. We hope to expand this into something bigger, creating safer communities and using sport as a common cause to draw communities closer and to get parents involved in activities with their children. Vuselela started the cycling at schools in 2016 and have been flooded with kids wanting to join, but a shortage of bicycles and funding have hampered their efforts. We hope to change that by getting interest from large corporate companies to accept the challenge, thereby enabling another 6 children to join the program. That is why we opted to run the marketing campaign for them.” Maritz said.

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  1. Wow, this is an awesome idea. I wonder what Saiosh is thinking now that they have lost a potential supporter. Or better yet, what were they thinking? I wish you guys all the success with this program. I think it is a dire need as our communities are killing each other, our youth are on a path of self-destruct and I really hope big business will catch on to this and join the effort.

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