General Information is launching its Employer Portal

From 5 March 2018, South African employers will be able to access the Employer Portal of, which will be aimed at providing companies with legal advise and information on their compliance burden.

This service will be strictly for subscribers with a business email address who falls within the legal definition of an employer and will be totally “advert free”. CEO’s, Managing Directors and appointed responsible persons in terms of:

  • Section 16(2) (OHSA) or
  • Sections 3(1) or 4(1) (MHSA)
  • GMR2(1) Competent Persons,
  • Construction Managers & Agents, (CR-2014)

will be granted access.

Some benefits are:

  • Downloads of Government Gazettes,
  • Downloads of ISO standards,
  • Advisory service via telephone,
  • Legal Opinions,
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution for Construction Contracts

The Employer Portal will be supported and maintained by top SHEQ Advocates, Attorneys, Legal Advisors, Occupational Medical Doctors, Safety Engineers and ISO systems Auditors .

If you are interested to be included in our support team, please send your Professional Resume to – Submissions close on 16 February 2018.

For more information on the qualifying criteria, please click here.


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