RSS launches its Loyalty Program has launched its Loyalty Program for readers that subscribe to Prologue.

This is yet again a first for the SHEQ Profession, and serves as indication why is still Africa’s leading SHEQ Magazine. Subscribers can now earn CashBack whenever they purchase a product or service from Network partners. The infrastructure of the program is owned and managed by ONE|ONE Infinity Rewards (Pty) Ltd and it includes some major brands like OK, Mica Paints & Harware, Aha Hotels and Lodges, all accepting the Loyalty Card for rewards.

SHEQ Services & Products

Consulting firms, Training providers, Occupational Health clinics as well as PPE & Clothing & Signage providers are invited to get in touch with us and join the program. Participating companies have drastically increased their revenue since joining. The Program does not require a Pay point, as will provide the terminals to scan user cards.

SHEQ Practitioners

When you sign up for a paid subscription, you not only get the benefits listed here, but also receive your own Card. Scan this whenever you pay for something at a partner company. Earn CashBack, and use your accumilated CashBack to pay for anything you like. With enough CashBack on your card, you may even pay for your next training course.

Subscribers receive a percentage of their purchase at any participating business. For subscribers, this is already R225 per year, just for subscribing with us. More cash can be earned at any other business where the cards are accepted. What better reason do you need to support our advertisers and partners?


The “Safety Pays!” slogan has been coined by and it is the basis for the Loyalty Program. Employers can drastically inprove their Safety Culture by getting involved in our Corporate Loyalty Program. Using measurable performance criteria, employees can be rewarded on their level of participation in SHEQ functions, duties and activities.

How often have only half the H&S reps pitched up for a safety meeting? How much time does it take to get all those inspection reports in on time? Use the Safety Pays! campaign and change the minds and hearts of employees.

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The SHEQ Passport

Employers who wants to ensure their management team always know who may or may not be on a remote site, should make use of the Passport Portal linked to the Safety Pays! Cards. Each card contains a QR Code printed on the back thereof, linking directly to the SHEQ Passport platform. Check an employee’s SHEQ documents simply by entering the card number and the employee’s password (which they set themselves and need to give you).

The Department of Labour Inspector can also ask for access to see if an employee is medically fit, has the required letter of appointment and certificate of competency to go with the appointment. Access is simple. Scan the code, enter the card number and ask the employee to provide the password.

The SHEQ Passport platform can be accessed from any mobile device with an active internet connection. It is therefore data dependent and does not work with a “please call me”.


Sheqafrica is Africa's largest online Magazine for the SHEQ profession. It is owned by the Cygma Group and managed by Shane I. Lishman and Rudy D. Maritz, two of South Africa's most experienced practitioners. Originally founded by Ben Fouche of Real Babe Media, has been serving the SHEQ industry since 2007 and contains over 1600 articles from various experts in the Safety, Health and Environmental Management fields.
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