HOT NEWS! Mobile App launching in May

Cape Town: Final testing of the mobile app are currently being undertaken and the App will be available on the Google Play store on 3 May 2018. The Apple app will be released one month later. has reached the final stages of the app development and are ready to start testing its first mobile app on 3 April 2018. After the testing stage, the app will go live first for Android devices and then for Apple devices.

Rudy Maritz, confirmed the app has been under development for the past month and will offer readers a new experience. The app will feature a selection of key articles to assist readers to stay informed of development and practices within the SHEQ field. Some of the key topics to be covered are:

  1. Fire Safety
  2. Food Safety
  3. Occupational Health
  4. Environmental Protection
  5. Training and
  6. Jobs and career advice

The app will allow readers to select their favorite articles for instant access and also provides search functionality for all content on the website.

How is the app different from the mobile website?

The app is a native install on the user’s mobile device. This means a Widget will be loaded on the homescreen of the device for instant access. Instead of accessing the internet site, the app will syndicate content from the website, based on predefined criteria.

Users will be able to receive notifications on their mobile phones when new articles, news or jobs are posted. The user can decide which notifications to receive.

What content will be covered?

Unlike the website, which is intended for general consumption, the app will be specific for the SHEQ Practitioner, prodiving them with specialist knowledge and reference material on selected topics. It is not focused on a specific country’s legal requirements but on SHEQ practices in general.

Specialist content

Specialist content will be provided by our business partners who will be involved in the following areas:

  1. SHEQ Recruitment and Jobs
  2. Occupational Hygiene services
  3. Fire Protection
  4. Lifting equipment
  5. Pressure equipment
  6. Consulting
  7. Operator Training and
  8. SHEQ Training

App users will be able to access these service providers directly from the App.

Where can it be downloaded?

The download links will be circulated via our newsletter and it will be available from the Google Play store for Free download. Apple owners will be able to download the app from the Itunes Store. newsletter subscribers will receive a notice when this happens, but the planned launch date is 3 May 2018.


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