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SHEQAssist is here to help you and SHEQAssist have joined forces to provide online SHEQ advice and assistance to all readers of

When you open the SHEQAssist tab at the bottom left corner of your Computer / Laptop screen, or the Chat button on your mobile phone, you will be able to ask a SHEQ specialist for assistance. There is a selection of options to pick from when you start off, and this will ensure the most competent person responds to your request.

General information is free, but support is only available to paid subscribers.

Example: To ask what the OHSAct says about Housekeeping, the free answer would be to look in the Environmental Regulations for Workplaces.
To get a summary of what it says, or a copy of the text, you need a paid subscription.

SHEQAssist is available to everyone free of charge, but the consultant responding to your request for assistance does not work for free. It is up to you to agree and accept any fees payable for the work to be done.

Consultants and Specialists who wants to join the SHEQAssist team, can do so by visiting their website here.

Sheqafrica is Africa's largest online Magazine for the SHEQ profession. It is owned by the Cygma Group and managed by Shane I. Lishman and Rudy D. Maritz, two of South Africa's most experienced practitioners. Originally founded by Ben Fouche of Real Babe Media, has been serving the SHEQ industry since 2007 and contains over 1600 articles from various experts in the Safety, Health and Environmental Management fields.

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