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STOP! – Read the signs

The word “stop” has one meaning. To cease an activity. When you drive along the road and a traffic  light turns red, you respond to two things. The instruction to bring the vehicle to a standstill, and the presence of danger of other traffic being allowed to drive. These things, called “initiators” are based on…

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Rudy_D Maritz
Rudy is an experienced SHEQ Legal advisor and has more than 30 years experience in criminal, maritime and environmental law. He is the CEO of the Cygma Group in South Africa, incorporating Cygma SHEQ (SA)(Pty)Ltd, Cygma Property Risk Management and Cygma Solutions. Rudy is also an Author for and was the Magazine's publisher until April 2018.
He worked for various industries, including law enforcement, fishing, transport, logistics, construction, and telecommunications. For the last 5 years, he has been a facilitator for ECSA accredited CPD training in Construction Contracts & Risk Management.