Tanzania Send Enviro-Teams To Mines

Tanzania. In Mwanza, the government will shortly start deploying environmental officers to all districts that have mines, to ensure that the mining activities do not pollute the environment.

In the process, community development officers will also be deployed to mend damaged relations between the mines and the communities surrounding them.

An example of environmental harm that needs to be faced and challenged is potential acid formation liquid from North Mara Gold Mine stockpiles and tailing ponds that are seeping into the Tighithe River. The Tigithe River joins the Timbo River at Matongo village before flowing into Mara and Lake Victoria which caters for over 2 500 residents in surrounding villages. Seeping of corrosive natural chemicals into the river results into dried pastures along the riverbank and the death of animals who are reliant on the river as a water source.

Residents of the villages surrounding the mine are not only scared and in panic, they are also accusing the leaders of the local authorities, government experts and local journalists of siding with the management of the mine.

The citizens are adamant that the law is clear, the government is supposed to protect the environment as well as its citizens.

Source: www.thecitizen.co.tz

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