The annoying “as per” OHS standard of quality.

The writing of professional correspondence is something that puts pride in one’s work. That little bit of effort that makes you stand out from the rest; that puts you in the higher bracket and differentiate you from the masses.

“As per” is a term which has apparently become commonplace in correspondence to clients. We often see it when someone tries to sell you something that is required as per a piece of legislation.

As per proper written English one should not use the phrase at all, but it seems to be the new standard in the professionalization drive. The more “as per’s ” one use, the smarter you think you are.

It is as per this and as per that. As per government regulation; as per provincial legislation, as per, as per, as per….

Dear Valued Client,

As we have entered Level 4 of our National Lockdown, I am happy to share the news that as a Counsellor, I am able to work at Level 4. (as per Government Notice dated 29 April 2020) has adopted the policy to delete any and all correspondence from so called professionals using the phrase. But why go to such drastic measures? Is it not just a tad petty?

No quite. The term “as per” literally means “in accordance with” and using “as per” simply means you are too lazy to write “in accordance with”. And our experience is that the “as per” users are also too lazy to do anything for themselves. They would rather look for a document on the internet and spin the content to look original.

An original OHS document does not really exist. Most companies have paid for a copy of someone else’s work; work already done and paid for, which should not have been made available to the public in the first place.

But “as per” OHS practice, sharing is caring. The more you give away for free, the more you help others.

And those whom has been helped can still not do anything for themselves. They are “as per” standard practice, still where they were in their educational path and will never grow the soft skills needed to become real professionals.

We recently created a digital library of OHS documents to be made available for download to the public. But we just as soon stopped the idea when we saw the lack of professionalism and originality of the work submitted.

This begs the question…Are there still OHS consultants and advisors that sit down with a client and discuss the content of documents? Or has OHS become a collection of paper-suppliers that offers site specific copies of site specific copies of other site specific copies?

Because if there are any, we would like to hear from you.