The New COVID Cash Cow

It is a known fact that people are brand specific. They will swear to Glenryck Pilchards, even though the Saldanha Pilchards comes from the same school of fish, from the same spot in the sea caught by the same fishing boat and produced in the same cannery. Yet there is a distinct taste difference in the label on the can to swear by and even pay more for.

And when it comes to the latest brand of products, COVID is making a killing. COVID masks, COVID signs, COVID Compulsory Training, everyone trying to make a quick buck is pushing the COVID Brand.

So, let’s go one step further, by selling COVID Proof mobile phone cases, COVID resistant lipstick and Oh, yes, the COVID Zol Lick, a new way to lick your food before you eat it so that you don’t spread the virus to yourself. We already have the COVID Look, where you can walk into the bank, like a robber, masked and gloved to the teeth. And it is available in all forms, from lace to cotton knitted green and orange with purple dots.

We get roughly 100 emails per day introducing a new COVID branded product of some sort.

But, if we need to be honest, who on earth believes you? So please, don’t waste your time and take up mail server space with your COVID products. Call it what it is and try to be honest for at least one day in your life.

On the other hand, why should we? Seriously, if we can make millions with COVID masks, why try to sell KN95 masks? COVID Masks are way better…

And what compulsory COVID Training is this now all of a sudden? Isn’t Section 13 already telling you that training in hazards and preventive steps is compulsory? Doesn’t the DMA regulations already say that? Oh, sorry, it’s a branded product right, yeah, well, no, fine.