The Practical OHSAct

The planned series of e-books by have been moved to a new location after the author of the series, Rudy D. Maritz, cancelled the publishing agreement with Sheqafrica Corporate Services (Pty)Ltd.

Maritz told that he was no longer willing to do all the work while his business partners sit and watch. “After 32 years in the industry you know what works and what doesn’t. But when people tell you something that you have been doing that long “doesn’t work” you ask some serious questions. At first you seek the aswers, but then after a while you realise you’re not the problem. They are! That’s why I decided to let the whole thing go. You don’t make money staring at a lap top screen for emails after you had one golf day or seen one client. You work your butt off for three to five years and then you get to the point where you can sit and wait for incoming emails. So its not ‘it’ that does not work. It’s you that don’t.

The Practical OHS Act is now located on its own server at and are being updated in the prelude to the amendments coming in 2022.

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