ToolBoxTalk breaking new ground in Safety Awareness

ToolBoxTalk is taking to the launch pad, with a customised solution to improve safety communication. South African based developing company, Cygma Solutions have embarked on a rather innovative way to improve safety communication using mobile apps.

The company is keeping its development closed to scrunity, but from an initial test drive of the app, it integrates the simplicity of desktop publishing with Android & iOS technology.

ToolBoxTalk itself is not available for download, but employers can have their own ToolBoxTalk apps developed at a fraction of traditional development fees. Cygma Solutions’ National Sales manager, Johan du Preez, confirmed that a public app will also be launched in the near future.

Du Preez explained that most generic toolbox talk apps are already loaded with content, mostly in compliance with USA, Canadian and UK aligned topics. Even local programs, like the MBA Toolbox Talk series and client specified topics are not always effective.

“In most cases, the work to be done for the day is nowhere close to the “topic” prescribed for the day. Typical examples are found in companies with absolute rules policies, where trench workers must be informed about the rule not to climb towers without wearing harnesses, or brick layers must be told how to connect a high voltage cable without being electrocuted. This makes the topic totally irrelevant and is inefficient as it confuses the employees, and makes the ToolBox leader feel like a total donkey.” du Preez said.

ToolBoxTalk enables employers to communicate and share information with their teams that is relevant to the hazards encountered for the day or week, based on the company’s own projects and operational requirements.

The safety manager can schedule the topic from a standard desktop computer, using a common desktop publisher. The information is then pushed to the employee’s mobile device where they can open and read it. The App can also be restricted to supervisors only, and internal controls can adapt to ensure all employees attend the supervisor’s talks. Site supervisors and team leaders often do not know “what to say or talk about” yet are required to create awareness. Often this leads to ToolBox Talks being neglected or not done at all.

With ToolBoxTalk, senior management can create and share its own program and allow all supervisors to share the same information at the same time.

Du Preez further added that using a company branded app, with its own logo and colour makes it a more personal user experience. Employees will take ownership of the app, and the company can opt to extend this also to their entire supply chain, offering free download to employees and paid download to contractors and suppliers. Most companies already have apps to communicate with clients, and do not want to clutter these with internal communication pertaining to incidents and other “negative” issues. ToolBoxTalk is perfect for this.

The kind of information shared, can also be controlled. As it is in the interest of safety, health, the environment or general compliance, these communiques do not have to reveal protected knowledge, but it can also be secured to protect confidential information.

ToolBoxTalk is available at pricing starting from only R24 500 with free App store fees and maintenance for the first 12 months, making this a truly worthwhile investment in your business. The company also offer a monthly subscription option with a full buy-out of the source code at the end of the subscription period.

ToolBoxTalk is also available for lease.

This is ideal for community related communications during a specific project or event. One typical Use-case would be bridge construction or road works, where communities can be informed when activities such as road closures, blasting, overhead works etc will occur. At the end of the project or event, the app is simply deleted.

ToolBoxTalk offers a Trial demo subject to terms and conditions.


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