What happened to BuildSafe?

Buildsafe South Africa was launched on the 19th January 2012 in Gauteng where the heads of 20 companies signed the BSA 2012 Charter, thus making a commitment to promote the ideals of BSA and actively work toward better Health, Safety and Welfare for workers in the South African Construction industry.

Where is Buildsafe today?

Like New Year’s Resolutions, life gets the better of all good intentions. Buildsafe.co.za is up for sale and the commitment to promote safer construction probably left when the “Closing down sale” started.

But its no surprize, really.

BuildSafe however still lives on…

The Neighbourhood Safety Initiative (NSI) and WorkSafe South Africa have joined forces to create a new format in corporate compliance monitoring with a fresh approach.

Zero Harm Through Invisible Policing

NSI promotes a safer South Africa through public participation, by creating awareness of the negative impact of poor safety, security and health practices on society and allowing the public to report crimes on a community driven central reporting system. Under the label of an Active Citizen, concerned citizens can report any form of crime on a map based reporting and alert system which will enable authorities to zoom in on the reported crimes.

Every cell phone owner can become a law enforcer! And if criminals can have their networks and secret societies, why can’t the Concerned Citizens of our country do the same?

Empowered by technology, NSI enables you to become part of the solution for free.

BuildSafe™ is coming…

NSI has recently acquired the intellectual property of SmartSafe Africa and have re-launched it under the WorkSafe™ brand name. The company, operating as a Non-profit, has launched a national roll-out and created three formats of the original platform focusing on a specific socio-economic sector.

While WorkSafe focuses on Safety and Health in the workplace, the other platforms focus on the Transport and Education industries.

With the AARTO coming into effect, possibly in July this year, StreetSafe™ will be observing driver behaviour through its community driven VoIP reporting system, while EduSafe™ is set to launch in August this year to focus on Child Safety and the Day Care industry.

Elaine van Vuuren, National Operational Safety Director at WorkSafe SA, said “the NSI business model was perfect for us, and we joined the initiative without giving it a second thought. It also allowed us to segregate our service into industry focused solutions, and I believe, our BuildSafe™ program will be a welcome addition for the smaller construction companies, who spends spends of  hundred thousands of rands annually on safety file factories.

BuildSafe STEPPS – a Platform as a Service.

Small contractors can now look forward to a platform where they can create their own Safety Files at a fraction of the cost of “Site specific” generic files sold on Gumtree and Social Media.

STEPSS is a modular program designed around the OHS Act and the new requirements of Sections 7 to 12, while incorporating the NEMA and legislation focused on Social Sustainability, such as the COIDA, POPIA, and CPA.

BuildSafe™ will therefore add the Construction Regulations to its Safety core module.

For more information on STEPSS., visit WorkSafe’s website.


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