Construction Safety Agents plays a critical role in sheq compliance in the sector.

Sheq Compliance Burdens Construction

Construction sheq compliance could be a burdensome exercise. Michelle Bowmer takes a look at this issue and explains what should be done to address it.


HSE Policy Statement Disconnect

Shane Lishman asks the hard questions when it comes to HSE Policy Statements and give some tips relating to these public commitments.

Durban naval base, near the fatal sewer methane gas incident.

Six die of sewer methane gas

Three South African Defence Force members died of sewer methane gas in Durban while trying to rescue three contract workers from a sewage pit.

One of the West Rand mining waste reclamation areas (Pulitzer Centre).

Illegal mine closures expected

State records show very few legal mine closures, indicating lack of environmental rehabilitation, lingering liabilities, and lack of state rehab capacity.

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